Coffee Community Outreach

Our Lead Community Outreach Agronomist has been hard at work helping to train local coffee farmers about the benefits of stumping old coffee trees.  Stumping old coffee trees encourages the growth of healthy, new branches, leading to a fully rejuvenated coffee garden.  After stumping, the farmers are encouraged to add shade tress to protect theContinue reading “Coffee Community Outreach”

Home Made Organic Fertilizer

With the rains coming down, and the our coffee trees primed for rapid growth, we’ve decided to make our own organic fertilizer using only materials commonly found on, or near, our estate.  At Kingha Coffee we have recently made a commitment to reusing everything we produce when we process coffee from cherry to coffee bean.Continue reading “Home Made Organic Fertilizer”

Arabica Coffee is Self-Pollinating…I’m Not Sure These Visitors Know That…

Arriving at the estate this morning we were greeted by a swarm of about 40,000 honey bees.  Apparently these bees are in the middle of moving from their old home to a brand new one.  The honey bees take all the honey they can carry, along with 2/3 of their old hive, and a queen,Continue reading “Arabica Coffee is Self-Pollinating…I’m Not Sure These Visitors Know That…”

The 2019 Harvest Season Has Begun

We are very excited for the start of the 2019 coffee season.  We have begun working with 2 new groups of farmers from Bujiri and Kyjura, and we are confident that great things are just around the corner.  Bujiri and Kyjura are at about 1600-1800 meters above sea level, ideal elevations for growing speciality coffee.Continue reading “The 2019 Harvest Season Has Begun”

The Rainy Season is Over, Time for a Tour

We are pleased to bring you a new coffee tour experience.  Having just finished our busiest seasons ever, we are now launching our seasonal coffee tours complete with coffee roasting, coffee tasting and the opportunity to take home what you roast.  With the rainy season drawing to a close, it’s a great time to comeContinue reading “The Rainy Season is Over, Time for a Tour”

A Visit from the US Ambassador

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Deborah Malac, the US Ambassador to Uganda, and her team, on our coffee estate.  It was great opportunity for everyone to get involved in picking, processing and roasting coffee, as well as learning about what it takes to go from the coffee tree, all the way toContinue reading “A Visit from the US Ambassador”

Cupping This Season’s Coffee

Check out a few photos of yesterday’s cupping we did with the team from Redemption Roasters and Great Lakes Coffee.  We cupped a selection of different coffees from our estate, and from outgrower farmers, with some great results.  Lots of toffee, chocolate, and citrus notes in the cup, with good acidity and brightness…we’re super pleasedContinue reading “Cupping This Season’s Coffee”

Farmer Education

One of the founding principles of Kingha Coffee is empowering the local population through education.  This photo shows one of our more established farmer groups getting some refresher training in how to sort coffee into its various qualities.  The farmers then take this knowledge back to their respective villages and encourage everyone to pick onlyContinue reading “Farmer Education”