Need a Lift?

On the way through Queen Elizabeth National Park we happened to come across a division of the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s Anti-poaching Unit.  They were looking to hitch a ride to Kasese, and we were happy to oblige.  These guys work tirelessly to protect the lions, elephants, leopards, hippos and plethora of other wildlife living throughContinue reading “Need a Lift?”

Our Warehouse is Almost Empty…and We Couldn’t Be Happier :-)

All of our fall harvest coffee has been sold to some great independent roasters, a collection of lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and to our local export partners.  If you missed out on our fall harvest not to worry, we are gearing up for the spring harvest which starts in just over a month.  ThisContinue reading “Our Warehouse is Almost Empty…and We Couldn’t Be Happier :-)”

Cyprus, Get Your Tastebuds Ready

We just finished delivering 600Kgs of AA grade arabica coffee from our warehouse to our export partner in Kampala.  The coffee is headed for Cyprus and should be on the shelves of your favorite Cypriot roasting house in about 2 weeks.  We couldn’t be happier with all of the fantastic work from our staff andContinue reading “Cyprus, Get Your Tastebuds Ready”

Honey Coffee is Here

After numerous experiments this season using our estate grown arabica, we have  produced a Honey Coffee which meets our expectations.  The picture below shows the coffee in parchment form, where the sugary mucilage is seen coating the coffee bean.  Leaving the mucilage on the coffee bean during drying adds an extra hint of sweetness inContinue reading “Honey Coffee is Here”