Thank you, Thank you, to all our Farmers

As the harvest season winds to a close, and we get ready to ship all the amazing coffee produced, our team wants to take a moment to recognize the hard work put in by our farmer partners.

To all to farmers we work with–Thank You, Thank You, Thank You For All Your Effort…

What a Season!

My apologies for the long delay between posts, all of us at Kingha Coffee have been very very busy with the fall coffee harvest.  To date we have harvested and purchased over 60,000 kgs of fresh, ripe coffee cherries.  Much of this coffee has been washed, dried and stored in our warehouse for shipping next month, however we do have a lot of coffee still drying on our raised African beds.  This is by far our biggest season yet and we are all really excited to get our coffee in some fine coffee houses in Europe and North America.  Once the coffee ships through our export partner, we will let you know where you can get a cup of Uganda’s finest Arabica coffee.  Until then, here are a few pictures of our season, just to give you a glimpse into what it takes to make an amazing cup of coffee.


Almost There…

This photo is of the last stretch of ‘road’ before you reach our coffee estate…if you’re ever in the area be sure to drop by, we’re happy to hand-roast you a cup of our finest beans.  You can’t beat the taste of a cup of coffee grown, picked and roasted all on the same estate…see you soon 🙂

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Kingha Coffee Road


The rains have come, finally finally, the rains have come…

The coffee tree is an interesting one in that it performs best when it is under some stress.  Coffee needs a good dry season, to the point where it appears to be struggling with lack of rain, if it is to fully develop when the rainy season hits.  If there is too much rain, and coffee has too easy of a time, then the trees grow big and bushy, but the coffee cherries themselves remain under-developed.  So when harvested, the lack of development means you never really get those unique flavors which make a great cup of coffee.

However, when coffee trees are stressed due to lack of rain, then when the rains do return, the coffee trees spring to life.  The coffee tree then puts all of its energy into producing fruit, meaning the coffee cherries ripen rapidly and begin to almost burst open, full of beautiful flavors and aromas, which translates into a fantastic cup of roasted coffee.  With that in mind, we are very pleased that after a few dry months the rain has come again…KinghaCoffee Rain

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Last Few Preparations Before the Big Season Begins

We have just finished building an additional 30 drying racks to handle the increased capacity of both washed and natural coffee that will be coming through our estate in the next 4 months.  We should now have enough space to dry all the beautiful coffee we produce…it’s going to be a great season… #kinghacoffee #ugandacoffee #specialitycoffee #coffee

KinghaCoffee Drying Racks

Activate Your Coffee

We are very excited to have been able to help sponsor the @activateuganda Iron Hammer Trail Run last weekend.  Congratulations to all the winners…anyone who missed this event, but is looking to get active in Uganda, be sure not to miss the next Activate Uganda event coming up in a few weeks.                                                                    #kinghacoffee #ugandacoffee #specialitycoffee #sponsorship #activateuganda