Back in Uganda

I have just returned to Uganda after spending a month in Dubai with my family.  I was welcomed back by a small rain shower and a few little cloud bursts.  Every time I return I enjoy the feeling of stepping off the airplane and exchanging the arid life in Dubai for the lush greenery of Uganda.

Today I met with NUCAFE in Kampala and dropped off 2 Arabic and 1 Robusta coffee sample.  Tomorrow I am meeting with their master roasters to cup the coffee and give it an official score.  My first cupping experience in September left me with a desire to learn more about the process and to get actively involved in cupping and scoring all of Kingha Coffee’s different varietals.  I will post some pictures of the roasting and cupping as soon as it’s done.

First Pulping of the Season

Here is a video of the season’s first coffee pulping at Kingha Coffee


This video doesn’t exist

The Rains Are Here

The rain has finally come, signaling the end of the dry season and the beginning of the harvest season.  We are expecting to harvest somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000kgs of raw coffee cherries over the next two months.  The raw cherries will be wet-processed, dried on our drying racks and stored in the warehouse as parchment coffee, awaiting shipment to national and international markets.  Below is a picture of an early batch of raw coffee cherries, the variety of color indicates the cherries have not all reached the dark red color of mature coffee cherries.kinghacoffee-cherries